Exact Match Spray Paint and Touch-up Paint Solutions

Custom Color Spray Paint


Hedrix Spray Paint available exclusively via MyPerfectColor.com

•    Go to MyPerfectColor to find Custom Spray Paint matched to virtually any color. Custom match your parts/equipment, or choose from color matches of most major paint brands, industry standards including Pantone™ PMS Colors, RAL, US Government Fed Std 595C and more. Choose from  flat, low lustre, satin, semi-gloss or gloss sheen, or we’ll custom match the sheen. Order conveniently online and have it shipped to your facility, office, or home. Visit MyPerfectColor to find the Custom Color Spray Paint or to learn more.

Hedrix provides leading manufacturers with touch up paint solutions.

Our experts exactly match the color and sheen of your product so that you can touch-up scratches, scuffs and imperfections in powder coat finishes, metallic finishes, plastics and vinyl.

Our clients include manufacturers, fabricators and distributors of products, equipment and machinery who need to touch up powder-coated finishes and other finishes for post-production or distribution to installers and/or customers.

Hedrix helps leading marketers turn graphic designs into a physical reality.

Ever need to match the color of your client’s brand or product? We help marketers, exhibit fabricators, agencies, retailers, printers, sign manufacturers and industrial designers achieve the perfect color for events, exhibits, production and prototypes. We help these marketing-related clients achieve a professional spray smooth finish in exactly the right color and sheen in an easy to use application.  For an example of the bright, brand-focused colors we can match, one of our customer’s favorite colors is Pantone PMS 2397 C Spray Paint.

Other industry uses include marking and identification and paint for small-run production where powder-coating isn’t economically viable.

Hedrix Features:
•    Specialize in exact match custom color matches in any color including metallic finishes
•    Packaging options include aerosol spray paint, brush-in-cap bottles, cans in any size and touch up paint pens
•    Paints dry quickly and can be applied to any metal substrate, wood and most plastics
•    Offer low minimum order quantities
•    We guarantee 100% accuracy and consistency of our matches
•    Ultra fast turn-around, orders typically filled within 1-3 business days (allow extra time for difficult matches)
•    Special quantity and bulk-pricing available.
•    Shipping to any destination worldwide

Hedrix will provide the solution to best meet your specific needs.
Call today at 1-973-863-2639 to find out how we can help you.